Maine Trust for People with Disabilities
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Setting up a Trust Account

To set up an account with the MTPD for a Maine resident who has a disabled, you and your attorney should carefully review each of these documents, which can be reviewed and printed by clicking on the links below:

For assistance in understanding and completing the forms, families are encouraged to contact a Maine social service agency that appears on the list of Supporting Members of the MTPD. Staff workers at each Supporting Member agency have been specially trained to assist families who are interested in opening an account with the MTPD.

In addition to completing the forms, you should also contact your attorney to review the documents and prepare any additional documents needed, such as a Last Will and Testament if you wish to fund the account on your death. If you do not currently have an estate planning attorney, you can obtain a referral from the Lawyer Referral Service of the Maine State Bar Association at (207) 622-1480 or toll free at (800) 860-1460 or at their Web site:

Send the completed, signed documents and a check for the $500 application fee to:

Maine Trust for People with Disabilities
PO Box 9729
Portland, ME 04104-5029

Maine Trust for People with Disabilities
P.O. Box 9729, Portland, ME 04101-5029